About us

Since childhood I have always loved being outdoors and the idea of camping out under the stars with friends and family. My brother & I would often ask our parents to set up a tent in the back garden, just so we could transport ourselves on what can only be described as a unique adventure.

Like all children our imaginations would run wild and we would be fighting with Pirates for buried treasure or exploring hidden caves and obviously watching out for the Dinosaurs along the way! It didn’t matter that we were just in the back garden because for us this was somewhere we could “hide out” and explore our imaginations, yet in the safety and comfort of our own home.

As I got older, I still found every opportunity possible to have an adventure and had plenty of weekends away with friends at festivals, birthday parties and general get togethers in tents, yurts, and glamping pods and still, the idea of being able to pitch up either in the comfort of your own home or a stunning location to escape the hustle and bustle of reality will win everytime!

Having worked in the entertainment and events sector for 5 years with my Fiance, Alan, providing inflatables, mechanical rodeo entertainment and sweet treats, attending many parties and celebrations along the way including weddings, birthday and milestone celebrations, family get togethers and everything in between I realised that I wanted to look at setting up my very own magical experience to be able to transport others to a place of exploration, discovery or perhaps just to escape the everyday monotony of life which lets face it, can get pretty hectic!

Having purchased my first 6 bell tents, this is where Party Tents and Events begins and I really hope that you can be part of the journey!